Poinsettia, the Legend of Christmas Plants from Mexico

Only about three to four years, the Poinsettia plant (Euphorbia pulcherrima) is one of the most sought after Christmas decorations plants in the world. A beautiful blend of colors, bright red and dark green is just right for the celebration of Christmas.

Not only red and green colors, but thanks to technology, there is also Poinsettia pink, white, beige, greenish yellow-white.

The Legend of Poinsettia

Although it has only been known for a few years in Indonesia, the plant known as Flores de Noche Buena or Flowers of the Holy Night has spread its wings from its native country, Mexico, in the 1800s. According to the American Phytopathological Society, this plant was brought from Mexico to the United States by Joel Poinsett in 1825.

At that time, United States was in the trend of using plant to decor their room for Christmas. Poinsettia was later often used for Christmas decoration to highlight the red color. There, you could watch how beautiful the plant was whilst you are enjoying party with some friends.

Poinsett, the US ambassador to Mexico, was a botanist who introduced the plant to his hometown in South Carolina.

A century later, the plant was used in Mexico as a drug, by a family of farmers in California thought that the combination of red and green Poinsettia would sell well.

“Albert Ecke and his son, Paul Ecke, then brought the plants to the market and developed these plants to be famous as they are now, which are suitable as decorations at Christmas,” said one of the big plant sellers in the United States, Susie Bachman.

There is also a legend circulating in Mexico in the children’s book Tomie dePaola that alludes to this beautiful plant’s relationship with Christmas. In the story, there is told a poor little girl named Pepita brought some wild plants as a gift to Jesus on Christmas Eve.

Although pure, his cousin said that the plant would be the best gift if given with love. The plant also turned red. Since then, Poinsettia became an iconic plant on Christmas Day.

How to Caring Ponsettia

Poinsettia flowers can grow up to a height of 250 cm. Unfortunately, these beautiful flowers can only grow well at a minimum elevation of 400 above sea level. From that, for those of you who are located in the lowlands, better not to plant Poinsettia in the park unless it will only be used for temporary events.

There are several points you should consider before planting this flower:

  • Good growth requires proper placement
  • Good care will produce optimal growth
  • Fertilizer is needed to support the growth of Poinsettia flower