8 Types of Hanging Ornamental Plants that are Healthy and Refreshing

For those of you who live in urban areas, air pollution seems to have become a common thing to experience. One solution is to apply plants in your home that help absorb toxins in the air while producing oxygen so that it provides clean air in the dwelling.

Air pollution created in residential areas is more due to cooking activities, and women and children are thought to be the most vulnerable to this domestic activity.

Not only healthy but has a sweet visual for shelter, find 8 ornamental plant recommendations that can be hung in the following review.

Geri’s Dischidia

Dangling plants are perfect for planting in hanging pots and decorating windows in the house. Water this plant when the soil surface begins to dry out, but don’t worry about the resistance of the cherry dyschidia if you forget to water it from time to time.

Dyschidia Nummularia Variegata

This type of dyschidia is perfect for hanging ornamental plants in your home because it is easy to care for and can grow even in small spaces.

Million Hearts

Still in one genus with dyschidia geri, but million hearts have stiff and thick leaves like a succulent and have heart-shaped leaves. This plant has long tendrils that reach up to one meter.


Has a dark green color with white traces on the leaf sheets, Scindapsus is a hanging ornamental plant with plant tendrils that have leaves that grow quite rarely between one another.


This plant is identical to the leaves with purple, white, green, and silver lines. Besides, tradescantia can grow in a variety of environmental conditions, but it is worth remembering to keep the roots from getting too moist.

Peperomia Hope

Place this plant in a location that is quite shady, windy, and exposed to a little light but not directly exposed. Flush one to two times during the week by discussing all parts so that water can drip down from the plant.

English Ivy

When placed in a hanging pot, English ivy that grows like vines of this plant will look beautiful when hung inside the house.

Betel Marble

With leaf fibers that resemble marble surfaces, this plant is an adorable choice as a hanging plant in your home.

Baby Tears Plant

Plants with small leaves that look fragile, actually have high durability as an indoor plant. Placed in a location with low light conditions, the baby tears plant will still grow in your home.

Heartleaf Philodendron

This hanging ornamental plant can grow in low light conditions. However, the leaves will be leafier if placed under bright light but not directly exposed to these rays.