10 Most Popular Ornamental Plants among Garden Lovers in Indonesia

The lack of green space in urban areas does often make the eyes not fresh. Therefore, it is not uncommon for people to care for ornamental plants in the room.

Whether it’s at home or work, plus, since “go-green lifestyle” is fashionable lately, gardening has become a trend. Not just for the benefit of the health and respiration, landscaping and green plants also can make the interior much brighter. At the beginning of the year 2000, where people in millennials are starting to work, they need places where they can feel surround by nature, and its belief can increase their creativity. The casino business also mimic this strategy, realize that the market would be filled with millennials who start to get older, Casino company and online gambling business who provide mostly sportsbook betting like betting sites in general now also excitedly create a much greener work environment.

If you want to start collecting and caring for ornamental plants and are confused about what kind of plants to buy, you should buy this popular ornamental plant!

Opuntia Monacantha Variegata

The plant, known as the Succulent Pelangi, is a member of the cactus family. What makes it unique is the green color of this plant which is very young. The bud has a reddish color resembling a nodule, which adds to its exoticism.


Monstera has an abnormal meaning. No wonder this plant was given the name. In Indonesia, too, the name of this plant is unique, namely “Widow Bolong.” Monstera growth can reach heights of 20 to 130 meters!

Philodendron Micans

Philodendron is a plant that has many species. Because of the beauty of the shape and color of its leaves, Philodendron is much preferred as a room or garden ornamental plant. For the Micans species itself, the color of the leaves is green towards the maroon.


Hoya plants, originating from East Asia. The texture of this plant is what makes it unique and popular. At first glance, hoya is not like a real plant because it has sparkling leaves like wax.

Epiphyllum Chrysocardium

Known by the name Selenicereus Chrysocardium, this plant that belongs to the cactus family has a long, curved, and flat shape. This plant can produce large white flowers with gold essence.

Cryptanthus Red

The shape is like a star, and the striking red color is what makes this plant sought after by many people. But you who want to care for this plant must ensure that the light it gets will be maximal. Because if placed in a low-light room, the color released will fade.

Calathea Cynthia

Calathea type plant, famous for its beautiful patterns. For this type, commonly referred to as Calathea mutation because there is a tinge of light green and pink on the leaves.

Calathea Black Lipstick

Still, a relative of Calathea Cynthia, this type of Calathea is even more unique. The leaves are purplish dark green, even almost resembling black. Plus there is a pink stripe that runs across the lipstick streak.


Begonia is an ornamental plant that has recently been popular in Indonesia. It is the number of Begonia lovers communities abroad who make plants with asymmetrical leaves and polka-dot pattern that begin to be glimpsed by lovers of gardening activities in Indonesia.


Most of you are probably more familiar with this plant by the name of Sri Rejeki. Plants that have a pink tinge on the sides of the leaves are indeed already known as the most suitable plants for anyone. Besides being very easy maintenance, this plant is even resistant to air conditioning.