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Jerry Aydelott joined Flora Pacifica as a part time employee in 2011. Jerry's hobby was growing succulents. He also had experience managing commercial nurseries. In 2011 Flora Pacifica had one succulent product. Today, we have approximately three dozen unique succulent products and typically ship over 10,000 succulent plants a month. Jerry is one of our most knowledgeable staff members on our nursery plants. Since Jerry's part-time stint he has led the restyling and growth of the on-site nursery and become the general manager of all Flora Pacifica operations. Drop Jerry a line at with any suggestions on improving our offerings or any special needs that we can help you with.


In the past three years Flora Pacifica has emerged as a US leader in producing artistic succulent products. We have grown our product offering to over 30 unique succulent products. This is in addition to selling specimen plants. Please visit to see our complete showcase. All products shown on the web site can be purchased in our nursery. Typically, several succulent products can be seen in the retail greenhouse.

We strive to provide all succulent products from our own rootstock grown in our greenhouses. This allows us to manage the quality of the plants that we provide in our products. Our succulent products require minimal care. We have had customers report that our living succulent wreaths are still beautiful after two years.