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Jerry Aydelott joined Flora Pacifica as a part time employee in 2011. Jerry's hobby was growing succulents. He also had experience managing commercial nurseries. In 2011 Flora Pacifica had one succulent product. Today, we have approximately three dozen unique succulent products and typically ship over 10,000 succulent plants a month. Jerry is one of our most knowledgeable staff members on our nursery plants. Since Jerry's part-time stint he has led the restyling and growth of the on-site nursery and become the general manager of all Flora Pacifica operations. Drop Jerry a line at with any suggestions on improving our offerings or any special needs that we can help you with.

Full Nursery Stock List (pdf)


If you haven't been to Flora Pacifica recently you might not recognize it. Our shop has been reconfigured to provide more space for indoor products such as books, specialty items and garden tools. Our nursery items have been tremendously expanded. We have expanded our tree selection (both dwarf and full size) by a huge amount including fruit trees along with a broad selection of decorative evergreen and flowering deciduous trees. We have added to the selection options for popular flowering shrubs and broadened our ground cover options. Also we now have a selection of soils, fertilizers, soil amendments and decorative barks to complete your landscaping projects.

When you stop by, please be sure to stop in the retail greenhouse. We have added selected succulent products including small plants, succulent dish gardens, specimen plants and selected succulent wreaths, and wall boxes.

We have begun to pick up plants ourselves on dedicated buying trips from our suppliers so that we can ensure the quality of the plants. This allows us to select the best quality plants rather than accepting the plants they choose to ship us. This improves the quality of the plants we can provide you.

Last year we provided hanging baskets to the city of Brookings for light posts along 101. We had a few extras that sold out quickly. This year we will be making a larger quantity but we still recommending reserving yours early.

Check out the product pages to see the selection of plants that are typically available at the nursery. Also consider giving a Flora Pacifica gift card to friends and family for special occasions or as "Thank Yous".

Nursery Product Inventory

Plants, soils, pots, books, succulents, hanging baskets, garden tools, and more!
Custom floral designs that are created by Carrie Anderson - "Carrie's Creations" one of a kind items!
We have a selection of standard and unique garden tools as well as terra cotta and unique pots of various sizes.
We have a variety of gardening related books for your own use or as welcome gifts.
You can buy any of our succulent living wreaths or specimen plants in the nursery.
Pick up our signature Oregon coast driftwood/succulent baskets for home or as a gift that will be treasured for years.